Lil Wayne Reportedly Still Suing Birdman & Cash Money Over ‘Tha Carter V’

(AllHipHop News) Over the last several weeks, Lil Wayne and Birdman have been photographed together on a couple of occasions. It appeared as if the year-long public dispute between the two New Orleans natives over royalties and album releases was on the verge of being resolved.

Despite the friendly encounters at nightclubs, Wayne is still moving forward with his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records, according to TMZ.

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The website reports:

According to our Young Money sources, Wayne isn’t softening on his main demands — release “Tha Carter V” and cough up the millions he says Birdman owes him. The stakes are high … remember Weezy’s threat to take Drake and Nicki Minaj with him if he leaves Cash Money.

Further, we’re told there’s still NO talk of a settlement.

This development comes less than 3 weeks after TMZ also reported Wayne and Birdman had “strong feelings about burying the hatchet.” Young Money’s Mack Maine supposedly set up a phone conversation between the pair last month.

Before their reunion at a party in Miami on New Year’s Eve, Wayne and Birdman had not been seen together in public since Weezy announced in 2014 he wanted to leave Cash Money. The “Rich As F*ck” rapper sued the label for $51 million, including claims CMR owes Wayne a $10 million advance for turning in Tha Carter V.

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21 Responses to “Lil Wayne Reportedly Still Suing Birdman & Cash Money Over ‘Tha Carter V’”

  1. Q.

    LOL This devil n!gga wooed his bottom b!tch back into slavery. Offstage convo was like:

    Turdman: Bwoi, you still mah son, ya heard me? I luh ya, I need ya in mah life. I’ll kill fuh ya, I’ll die fuh ya. I just want that ole thang back…Thugga hole don’t feel like yours, ya heard me? He don’t make a n!gga “Brrrr!” like you use to, ya feel me? Dis YMCMB fuh life! Tell me what I gotta do to get you back, son…

    Weezy: (long pause)…Just give me my 10 million, Brian.

    Turdman: AW, HELL NAW!!…You can have summa dis dick tho!

  2. Black Jay Supreme

    Biz is Biz….. They can be cool and kick it at parties but what man do you know that would walk away from $51 Million? I can’t think of one. Weezy might be a man kisser but he ain’t stupid enough to leave all that loot on the table.

    • Leonard Tarver

      Dave Chappelle Walked away from 50 Million but 51 Million probably would of made him reconsider 😂😂😭😂💦

      • Black Jay Supreme

        That’s funny… Lol! Coincidentally, I just saw an interview of Dave Chappelle and he’s saying he has regrets about leaving that money on the table like a mug!

      • Leonard Tarver

        They actually offered 50 Million after he grossed almost 500 Million for Comedy Central the year before in which they tried to capitalize off of his success again…

  3. Rozay23

    Wayne stupid. Birdman just learning from his mistake of trying to put a hit out when its known their beefing. Now he lured him back so everyone think they cool again. I wouldnt be surprised if Birdman tried again but this time it’s going to look accidental like Wayne overdosed on something.

  4. STEPH

    If I was Wayne….51 million is 51 million, and there isn’t shit that can come between that…..And that muthafucka who threw water on me would get beat to the brink of death.

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