Macklemore Gets A Call From #BlackLivesMatter Activist, DeRay McKesson

Macklemore has been an artist continuously scrutinized as a poster-child for culture appropriation in music, especially in the world of Hip Hop. Recently, the rapper released a controversial track titled “White Privilege II.” Although “White Privilege II” eventually ended up being a No. 1 hit on Billboard’s 140 Top Trending the track had mixed results from many listeners, some even making a comparison with Kendrick Lamar’s  message from 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly,

It’s one thing for the “Thrift Shop” Rapper to receive attention for his controversial track from random listeners on  the internet, but it’s another when a well-known activist calls you for a talk. That person is DeRay Mckesson, a #BlackLivesMatter activist who’s known for being outspoken both on social media and the frontlines of the protests in Ferguson,Missouri and Baltimore. According to Complex, Mckesson took to Twitter to talk about his recent conversation with Macklemore after “White Privilege II” dropped yesterday.

Mckesson even fired back at those who were still skeptical about “White Privilege II.”


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