Did Waka Flocka Agree With Stacey Dash?

(AllHipHop News) Although Waka Flocka has made some controversial statements in the past, like his opinion on transgendered people, the Atlanta rapper has once again managed to get attention because of his mouth. Recently, Flocka had something to say about Stacey Dash’s comments on letting go of BET and Black History.

“Why the fuck we got BET? BET for black people and MTV for white people? Think about it, why the fuck do we got Black History Month only in February? How can the people who took our history give us our history”

and then, he brushed it all off…

“That’s the shit that I be saying though, but it is what it is.

Although the “O let’s do it” rapper didn’t agree with the way the former video vixen made her comments on the issue, he may have possibly agreed with some of things that she was saying.

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