Did Chris Brown Take A Subliminal Shot At Future & Karrueche?

Photo via Chris Brown’s Instagram

Chris Brown recently posted an interesting tweet taking a shot at some mystery female he’s dealt with.

“When she thirsty for n*ggas with lower expectations but swear she don’t check her DMs #hoeswithhearts, said Chris.”

Fans started to assume the post was directed at Future and Karrueche who recently cross promoted each other. Future wore a sweatshirt from Karrueche’s ‘With Love’ line, and Karrueche posted a photo with the caption, “wicked.” Other celebs have been spotted sporting the line as well, so clearly this doesn’t mean Future and Karrueche are dating. Is Future the one Chris is talking about with lower expectations? Maybe Chris wasn’t talking about Karrueche at all; maybe he was talking about one of his other girls.



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