EXCLUSIVE! Stalley On Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’: More Powerful Artists Should Step Up

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(AllHipHop News) Recently, Stalley sat down and exclusively revealed to AllHipHop  who he predicted to win Super Bowl 50. The MMG musician also explained in detail his thoughts on Beyoncé’s half-time performance. He also broke down and the powerful symbolism in her latest video “Formation.”

In the past Stalley has maintained a neutral stance concerning his labelmates social media beefs. When it comes to the Orange Crush Stalley had a lot to say. “I’m a big Broncos fan; I’ve been that for a while,” admits the Ohio native. Childhood memories of the legendary John Elway came up before the discussion focused on Peyton Manning.

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With his loyalty already invested into the Denver Broncos he then matter-of-factly stated, “I’m a big–big Peyton Manning fan. He’s probably my favorite player of all time. I’m very happy for him,” revealed the “Fountain Of Youth” rapper. A maintained respect was then extended to Cam Newton’s athletic prowess. Stalley explained that he isn’t “anti-Cam Newton.” He just does not condone people becoming “sheeps” and mindlessly following internet fads.

When the discussion delved into  Beyonce’s “Formation” Stalley  said, “It’s a great song.” With San Francisco as the global setting — Bey boldly paid homage to the Black Panther Party — which originated Oakland. “I just love that she did that. Because, we need more people in her position doing things like that…And on that stage it’s very powerful.”

Check out the full clip:

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37 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE! Stalley On Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’: More Powerful Artists Should Step Up”

  1. @ShlomiRapper

    You pretty much stated you’re not powerful. Therefore, your opinion has no impact either. THINK people THINK! There’s a way to make an impact no matter the platform or position you’re in.

  2. WeakSauce

    That was not a F’n political stand, that was just her promoting herself for her upcoming tour. Did she not announced it on the same damn day?! lol bunch of F’n fools

  3. Q.

    SB 50 halftime show: I saw about 30 Black girls in the same outfit twerking and gyrating. Didn’t really pick up on the BPP homage til’ the news mentioned it. The only lyric I made out was “hot sauce.”…I missed the part that was supposed to be SOCIALLY UPLIFTING. Sex sells, but what is Beyonce selling? Her lyrics are ratchet and appeal to the lowest common denominator of young Black listeners, so if she’s aiming for maintaining street cred, then…OK. Other than that, it sounds like more unintelligent radio tripe. We know she’s Black. And?

    Being “Black” is one thing. Being progressive/revolutionary is another.

    • gezuscryst

      Her first job is to entertain. So let’s get that out of the way. Second, symbolism is what they provided for the anniversary of the black panther party, which was a winner that displayed unity. If you didn’t see that, then you are a white troll on the disguise.

      • Q.

        Stop the bullsh!t. The only movement I saw was that of butt cheeks. I never took Beyonce for the political type, and I still don’t. She/we can do much better.

        BTW, the lyrics to that song are GAR-BAHJ. “white troll”<—- LMAO! FOH

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        “we” ? that’s all you whites can do is type Stupid and Lies – you cant show a comment where you whites didn’t type one of those 2 – Stupid or Lie

      • Q.

        Shyne-coon, I’m dying to show you how “white” I am. You figured out the address of that Greyhound station yet, puzzy? Ol’ fagg*t azz child-molesting n!gga.

        W.E.B. = Weirdo Enjoys Boys

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        more proof you pedos cant type nothing but Stupid or Lie , you aint never been taught nothing else – you cant show one comment you whites did not type either Stupid or Lie

      • Q.

        Shut the fvck up you cockaroach. I’d beat you to death with my Timberland. Ol’ boy-loving ass n!gga

        W.E.B. = Weirdo Eats Booty

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        its ALL deflection , and whites win at that – everyone shud think like Me , and that’s ANYTIME a white person trys to criticize others – Stop Em , and make em talk about their selfs , starting with getting away with no one talking about their genre , a actual genre , of child molestiation

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