Noisey Bompton Examines Compton In “Growing Up Kendrick Lamar”

Growing up in Compton, CA Kendrick Lamar was raised in the homeland of acts like Dr. Dre, Eazy E and others where it was impossible not to be inspired by their legacies or gangsta rap. In this Noisey piece called “Noisey Bompton” we get an introspective look at the high school and community where Kendrick Lamar and the friends grew up on the West Side of Compton.

Noisey Bompton is a new documentary made by the people who brought you Noisey Atlanta and Noisey Chiraq. It’s the first episode in an eight part series, NOISEY, on VICE’s upcoming TV network VICELAND. Each episode focuses on a different city, its major stars, and the stories and issues that influence its music scene.

Check it out below! In the piece you really see how tough it was for Kendrick fight the norms and remain true to his goals and dreams.


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