New Pimp C Visual Laden With Strippers And “3 Way Freaks”

If you are a child, avert your eyes because this is grown up PIMP talk like only the late Pimp C could deliver. He was an OG and his spirit still lives on through the cheeks that clap in this visual for “3 Way Freak.” As a last hurrah from the late Chad Butler, Long Live The Pimp gave fans what they wanted: a final unadulterated look at a southern legend.

Throughout his illustrious career Pimp C never worked with Lil Wayne, but the two connect with some reconstructed verses on “3 Way Freak.” The video, directed by Lux & D Reck, accurately captures the unmistakable vibe of Pimp C. In this case, seducing two separate women and inviting them back to his hotel room. The lyric video also provides some funky animation to follow along.

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