Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp Praises Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole, Discusses Future’s Drug User Image (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) French Montana may feel a certain way about the success of Kendrick Lamar, but southern rap legend Big Gipp is showing love to the TDE emcee as well as Roc Nation’s J. Cole for promoting a different side of rap music. The Goodie Mob member was a guest on Dash Radio to talk about different topics connected to the culture.

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“You gotta tip your hat to Kendrick, you gotta tip your hat to J. Cole, for them guys to be able to come out in such an atmosphere of negativity and still be able to push something positive,” said Gipp. “I told my youngings back in the A, ‘Now that Kendrick has won these Grammys, now that Hip Hop has been showcased again on this big stage of the Grammys, now record companies and possibly the corporate world will start putting their money back into Hip Hop and the true story of what it’s supposed to be used for.'”

Gipp added he believes the fact that Kendrick and Cole have been able to sell millions of albums and gain widespread notoriety is an indication other rappers can stop performing as characters and just be themselves. The Mutant Mindframe album creator would also like to see more artists reflect on social and political issues.

After speaking on the widespread drug references in a lot of today’s rap music, Gipp was asked about fellow Dungeon Family representative Future (fka Meathead). The Freebandz leader has built an entire brand and persona around the idea of drinking lean.

“[Future] don’t get as high as he talks. I just want to let y’all know that,” Gipp declared. “I can tell y’all right now. Dude got three, four albums that’s still sitting up ready to go. You can’t do that kind of music when you’re high the way he talks.”

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Watch Big Gipp’s interview below.

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11 Responses to “Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp Praises Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole, Discusses Future’s Drug User Image (VIDEO)”

  1. Markus

    What I take from what Gipp is saying is Future will get a better feedback from fans if everything is about drugs and more drugs. Basically dude is counting on the audience being fascinated with ignorance to the point where they don’t know when they’re being insulted.

  2. Q.

    Coming from Cee-Lo and OutKast, Future is a poor legacy for the Dungeon Family. He’s commercially successful, but he represents cultural regression. The artists should be leading the industry, not vice versa. There’s no them without us! TPTB keep these degenerates in rotation for a reason–to control the consciousness of the people. As Hip-Hop became a global superpower, they realized it it had to be contained…you can’t have young Black men and women, so-called sons of slaves, leading the world against the system!

  3. big brain

    Back in the day the best rappers were gangster, now it’s only a few good ones( yg,Nipsey) the rest are basic. Now the best rappers aren’t gangster, which means rap is evolving in a good way. Whether rap about drugs,than guns and gang violence. Chicago made gangster rap look bad with all that savagery.

  4. Black Jay Supreme

    That’s what cats need to understand. All it takes is one or two massively successful positive hip hop artists and record companies can no longer say that positive rap isn’t profitable. Hip hop is undergoing a metamorphosis right now. Coke boy rap is dying rapidly and unless those artist that exploited the game with that zombie sh*t can adjust, they will die with that era. Even Drake’s style is at risk because a return to hip hop roots is a return to pro-blackness. That’s not to say that only Blacks should participate and enjoy hip hop. But the return of melatonin to the game is a byproduct of reality. It’s a reflection of the racial wars in America. Drake lives off of the White dollar. He’s the most popular and financially, that’s where the money is. White people. Nobody can or should hate on him for that. But if he doesn’t choose to stand for something other than whining and feelings and acting like a woman in general, his time is finished, just as Rick Ross’s time may be finished.

    Real hip hop never left. It was always bubbling under the surface. But it’s damn sure making a return to prominence in a big way.

    • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

      Drake “borrowed” so many styles he’ll never go out of style!

      As long as he caters to the women first and says what they wanna hear he’ll still sell millions

      Drake doesn’t have his own signature style of music..😂

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