Jay-Z Is Firing People At Tidal (Again)

(AllHipHop News) Once again, Jay-Z has started clearing house at his developing music streaming service, Tidal. The hip hop mogul recently ran into a couple of legal issues after news surfaced that Yesh Music, the party supporting John Emanuele of American Dollar, recently filed a $5 Million lawsuit over royalties. Although the company has claimed that they are clear of royalty issues and are able to purchase master recordings, according to a recent statement, that didn’t stop Hova from firing the people responsible for the issues.

Recently, Tidal released another statement stating that they have let go of COO Nils Juel and CFO Chris Hart. This is yet another time that the young streaming service has managed to fire an employee within their executive ranks, especially after bad press.

Although Tidal is currently having some growing pains, the company’s still progressing efficiently. The release of Kanye West’s latest album The Life of Pablo helped gain so many subscribers that its size in numbers doubled in less than a week.

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