The Life Of Kanye: Kanye Trolls EDM DJ/Producer Deadmau5 On Epic Twitter Rant

(AllHipHop News) A new lesson for all Kanye West detractors.  When you get on Yeezy’s bad side, expect to get dragged through the proverbial Twitter mud.

Such was the case for EDM DJ Deadmau5 who took to Twitter to call Kanye West a “dick” for allegedly  using Pirate Bay to illegally download a $200 beat making software called Serum, made by Deadmau5′ company Xfer.

When Deadmau5 went on to make jokes about Kanye’s debt and the need for his fans to start a crowd-funding page,  The Life of Pablo rapper erupted in a series of Tweets likening Deadmau5 to Minnie Mouse and mocking his Tidal sales.

In the Tweets Kanye mocks Deamau5 saying he’s one of his daughter’s favorite cartoon characters, and asks how he carries around his iconic mouse helmet.

But, this all seemingly could have avoided if Kanye hadn’t accidentally shown the world the tabs on his own computer screen while he illegally downloaded a Sufjan Stevens, Carrie Lowell track “Death With Dignity.”

Or did he do it on purpose? The irony of the situation is palatable as Kanye’s recent project is one of most illegally dowloaded projects in years, as The Life of Pablo was only available via Tidal and over half a million people opted to avoid paying Tidal’s fees for a listen.

To add to Deadmau5′ ire, it appears Kanye was also using MediaDownloader when he took the screen shot causing many to believe that Kanye was ripping the Sufjan Steven’s record to sample in Serum.

Check out the exchange below: 













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