Tank Blames Tyrese’s Greed For TGT Breakup; Tyrese Responds (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The breakup of R&B supergroup TGT has been very messy. Tyrese and Ginuwine got into a public spat in December. An Instagram message from Ginuwine included the singer calling Tyrese a “diva,” “little boy,” and “wack.”

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Tank, the third member of the group, recently spoke with TMZ about the situation. He puts the blame for TGT’s demise on Tyrese demanding more money than the others. When asked if TGT could possibly reunite, Tank replied, “Nope… Tyrese still doesn’t want to split the money equally, so we’re done.”

According to a representative for Tyrese, the TGT profits were never to be split equally. Tyrese was supposedly expected to earn more money because he had a more successful career.

Tyrese saw Tank’s interview and responded directly on IG. The creator of the #1 album Black Rose posted a meme that read, “Guess who ain’t gotta explain sh*t to nobody.” He also wrote in the pic’s caption, “[Tank] I see we taking it to TMZ levels now……. I love you too….. Let me know when we gonna get the next play date locked in Shayla keeps asking about Zoey……. #Family.”

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Watch Tank’s interview and check out Tyrese’s Instagram post below.


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73 Responses to “Tank Blames Tyrese’s Greed For TGT Breakup; Tyrese Responds (VIDEO)”

  1. Miss.S

    you could ALWAYS tell tyresse was a bitch ass nigga… i could see G & Tank fuckin his punk ass up on the tour bus and him sittin in the corner cryin makin songs about it n shit

  2. Slaughtr

    This isn’t the movie biz Tyrese this is the music biz you know how the splits go doesn’t matter about how successful your career has been nigga. Be thankful that Coke commercial put you in your spot. Genuine and Tank are good singers and probably not as whiny as you…slow down.

    • The City

      Ppl give clear and direct answers all the time, it’s just that your water down breed is too engaged with illicit animal sex acts to comprehend.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        wrong – people are worthless and show it in their talk like you

    • DJ7

      Relevant…🤔…While this may ring true as far as MAINSTREAM appeal, the other members have quite the following amongst the grown and sexy…which IS their target market…IJS

  3. ZUBU

    If it was agreed upon from the start that Ty would get a bigger slice of the pie then that is what it is… Furthermore if it was put on paper (contract) then why are Tank and Gin complaining….
    Wu-Tang from the start, everyone knew RZA got a bigger slice of the pie for over 20 years…
    I’m not say Ty deserves more it’s not my business, but if they agreed then don’t complain and call him greedy…..

    • heavyboy

      That’s because Rza did all of the production for one and secondly they weren’t all famous when they formed…. very different situation.

      • ZUBU

        They were not famous when they formed! They became famous then they branched off, that was their plan from the start… Dogg you are young if you don’t know that history…
        Yes RZA did most of the production…

      • heavyboy

        I said “weren’t” big dog… that means “were not”… come on bruh.

      • ZUBU

        Broths my bad! I didn’t read your post correctly… Real Nigga shit I’m gonna be a man and apologize to you. Word.. My bad…

      • ZUBU

        Brotha my bad! I didn’t read your post correctly… Real Nigga shit I’m going to be a man and apologize to you. Word.. My bad

  4. big brain

    He’s a movie star now and you can’t tell him nothing. He should have enough money, so that shouldn’t be a problem to split 3 ways. Ty ego to big for a group

    • mademan3000

      Right he’s had way more hits than Tyrese & Tank combined. Movies are really what put Tyrese on top, not saying he can’t sing tho.

      • ZUBU

        Wouldn’t you want to be original?
        That avi is ZUBU all day… Over the years a few dudes have tried to use it, but they come and go. I think you should take the go route. You just popped up here, I’ve been here for many years….

      • yomomma

        i like bears , so its here to stay…no more responses from me

      • ZUBU

        If you insist, then you do you. You won’t last long here, they never do..
        @DJ7…. Yo God do you see this dude…. SMH It’s like someone putting up your avi or trying to use the “7” These dudes having no knowledge of self… Blessing My Brother… Peace….

    • Soulrebel1

      It’s always the dude that giving everybody advice on IG and twitter like he’s holier-than-thou full of bulllshit

  5. Markus

    Being the comic relief in successful movies is one thing. Letting that dictate your worth in a singing group is another. The group is TGT. Not TyreseGT. Those dudes aren’t backup singers. Should’ve been equal partners.

  6. ursocalledgod

    tyrese a bitch azz nigga for this. ole diva azz fucboy. how you gon eat more than ya dogs and they putting In the same amount of work? by all means can AHH quit calling these niggaz a super group lol I don’t even know any broads that rocked with these dudes. let alone dudes. tank is a c lister, giuwine had some heat in the early 2000s and tyrese hasn’t done shyt musically since the early 2000s up until last year. neither one of these dudes are going down in history as one of the best who ever done it. STOP IT!

    • Tanman01

      You don’t know any broads that rocked with these dudes??? Man you typing out ya ass with no idea what fck you talking about. Damn near every female R&B fan rocked with at least one if not all three at one point or another. Smh at you fly by night hip hop/r&b “fans”.

      • ursocalledgod

        Slow ya roll lil fella. I said they didn’t rock with them AS A GROUP. At this present time in music. Slow down…

      • Tanman01

        You didn’t say GROUP in the first comment. Catch up

      • ursocalledgod

        Anyone with COMMON SENSE and comprehension would of known what I was saying. You certainly lack both.

      • Tanman01

        Sorry i dont have time for charades. I respond to what u say not what u mean to say.

  7. Pope Chuck Paul

    i personally think tyrese is more famous from transformers rather than his music career. now if they were in a movie yea he should get more. idk their contract stipulations tho so i’m gonna leave it at that

  8. Dan Tebasco

    Ginuwine is pretty much a has been, Tank is pretty much a never was, Tyrese is steady on the big screen so with only one star on their team of course they were gonna break up……. And him going back would be like Justin Timberlake going back to NSync would make no sense whatsoever

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