Cam’Ron Announces ‘Purple Haze’ Collab With Reebok

(AllHipHop News) After twelve years of waiting, Cam’ron fans will be able to get their hands on the rapper’s anticipated project Purple Haze 2, a sequel to the very successful 2004 release. However, Killa Cam’s new album won’t be the only thing people are trying to get their hands on. According to Fader, the Diplomat will announced the he is making a sneaker, with Reebok, based on his Purple Haze theme.

“I got a deal with Reebok,” Cam’ron tells Fader, “We’re doing all the finishing touches on it right now.”

The rapper also talks about the sneaker’s design, stating that the shoes will be purple with pink contrasting insoles. To also follow the theme, the Purple Haze shoe with Reebok was also supposed to be scheduled to release on 4/20. However, Reebok has not yet commented on the official release of the sneaker nor its interesting release date.

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