Has Waka Flocka Been Creeping With Two Of Chief Keef’s Baby Mamas?

Rumor has it that Waka Flocka has been getting it in with not one, but two of Chief Keef’s baby mamas! Out of all the women and men in the world, these entertainers end up hooking up with the same people. Waka’s wife even jumped on social media to suggest that one of the women was just a groupie fan. Well the woman @Slim_Danger keeps posting more and more “proof” that her relationship with Waka was more than just a fan encounter. She’s also been taunting Chief Keef’s other baby mama as the woman just had a miscarriage, and @Slim_Danger is still carrying Chief’s child. Craziness!

chief keef baby mamas

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13 Responses to “Has Waka Flocka Been Creeping With Two Of Chief Keef’s Baby Mamas?”

  1. Leonard Tarver

    I dont understand. There’s beautiful women all over the world and these rappers got money but mess with the same 20 females… Lol

      • ZUBU

        What you mean “those beautiful women don’t give head?” Every chick gives head! Where they do that at? Where chicks don’t give head… SMH…

      • ?????????

        Positivity is the bond that makes us all stronger. Stay blessed brother

      • Leonard Tarver

        My fiancé gives head. Sry Bruh but try making some sense next time. You probably get no cooch at all judging by your abnormal comment 😂😂😭😂💦💦

      • El_Gringo

        i know your fiancé gives head. shit was kinda wack tho… she gotta get a lil more sloppy with it bruh

      • Leonard Tarver

        Cornball jokes… 💩💩💩😂😂😭😂💦

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