Jermaine Dupri Goes Off On Man Over Kris Kross Molestation Accusations

People talk reckless on social media all day, everyday, but when it comes to accusations of sexual abuse and molestation is when things get serious. Jermaine Dupri took to his Instagram to wish Bow Wow a happy birthday as he reflected on their years of working together. Someone commented under the post accusing Jermaine Dupri of molesting Kris Kross 17 years ago. The man even claimed that Kris Kross had a lawsuit against Dupri that Kris Kross allegedly won. Jermaine Dupri responded saying,

“You must be outta your f*cking mind!! @buzz4ever I should sue you for writing this disrespectful sh*t on my page FOH!!!”

WOW! JD has NO time for the rumors!

jermaine dupri

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18 Responses to “Jermaine Dupri Goes Off On Man Over Kris Kross Molestation Accusations”

  1. RapItUp

    Ain’t Kris recently deceased too? That’s not funny.. (Or was it Kross?) On another note.. You can get sued for what you comment on somebody social media page?? Damn these cyber laws are fascinating.. Constantly evolving!

  2. Q.

    Yikes! There were rumors back in the day (20+ years ago) because it seemed like JD always signed young boys, with the exception of Da Brat. It was just suspicion though, unlike Chris Stokes, who apparently was getting his Webster Do Boys on with B2K.

  3. Knickfan4life

    He should sue .people say any and everything and have zero evidence start hitting these broke fools in the pocket I bet they would recant real quick.

  4. Anjali Joti

    With all due respect and in JD’s defense,’it’d be hard for any cross eyed midget to molest any one….

  5. therealest1

    It’s been a long running joke whenever record label heads sign juveniles young enough to be their kids that they’re molesting them. It’s been played out too so they need some new material.

  6. Princesse

    I was their number 1 fan. I do not believe that. & someone had the nerve to say they had aids & passed it to a man. If you don’t have proof or know them personally, your e going to look like the fool. J. Chris Kelly was not gay or had aids! He died of an over dose not leukemia! He had Alopecia. Geez

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