YFN Lucci & Johnny Cinco Concert Ends In Gunfire (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta-based rap representatives YFN Lucci and Johnny Cinco were caught in the middle of a violent situation this weekend. The Weight Of The World collaborators’ concert in Little Rock, Arkansas ended with shots being fired.

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A fight broke out during the duo’s set, and footage shows a person on stage then began shooting inside the venue. It has not been confirmed what started the scuffle, which individual had the gun, or if anyone was injured. However, there are reports that someone tried to snatch either Lucci or Cinco’s chain.

Lucci is an affiliate with TIG Records, the label home of Rich Homie Quan. There have been several violent encounters during Quan shows in the past. Cinco is connected to Quality Control, label home to Migos. The Migos have been involved in shootings as well.

The Little Rock shooting follows DMV rapper Shy Glizzy’s chain reportedly getting snatched during a trip to Memphis in December. In addition, fellow Atlanta performer Bankroll Fresh was recently shot and killed in his hometown.

There is no evidence to suggest any of these incidents are related.

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Watch video of the shooting at the YFN Lucci and Johnny Cinco concert below.

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15 Responses to “YFN Lucci & Johnny Cinco Concert Ends In Gunfire (VIDEO)”

  1. Markus

    Can’t believe that people still take chances with their lives going to these hole in the wall clubs that always seem to end up having some kind of foolishness going on. Taking your money to these rappers and getting hurt in return isn’t a fair trade.

  2. ursocalledgod

    smh why do my people still attend bullshyt like this? is it really worth it? im sure it was their people and the other local hood rappers on the bill people. local mufuckas tend to hate when their people aint on stage especially if whoever is out there is doper than their people. used to see the shyt all the time when me and my comrades was doing this shyt. especially in the D.

  3. The Arsonist

    Hes just firing warning shots in the air. Which is better than him actually attempting to gun someone down.

  4. Eli Pinilla

    I remember there was this documentary about gang banging in Little Rock when I was a kid….don’t look like much has changed.

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