Rumors: A Tribe Called Quest Has New Music On The Way


I don’t really know how A Tribe Called Quest continues on with out the inclusion of Phife Dawg. However, I have been sitting on this rumor for the longest time. The group has been recording new music for quite some time. There is not a lot more to it than that, but I am hearing that the sounds are extremely dope. I was informed that Q-Tip has been making this a master piece. Thus far, I really only know that Busta Rhymes has been involved. I really hope they put it out, even though I am certain they are grieving heavily right now. This feels eerily like when Guru passed.

God bless.

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20 Responses to “Rumors: A Tribe Called Quest Has New Music On The Way”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    Man… They need to drop this joint. I would buy it instantly. Plus his family probably needs the money. I keep hoping that DJ Premier drops that new Gangstarr. He has more than enough material. These two joints would make my decade.

    • ancientGOD83

      yea I think its ego driven by q tip if that’s the case…kind of messed up…on they documentary, they acted like they couldn’t pull it together to make One last album…now Phife passes, its almost done? I don’t want an album that way

    • Thomas Smith

      What are you talking about this has been talked about since he had the surgery for his kidney and record the track from J Dilla’s catalog….smh… be real there bringing these recordings before schedule…….Q-tip is working with Busta and de la soul on this for a long time since the last tour…….matter fact they were recording when de la soul did the mixtape with dilla’s tracks………

  2. ancientGOD83

    wack if they make a album when Phife passes away…they could have honored the ONE album left on the contract eons ago,… now Q tip can have TOTAL control….I think its bs…

  3. JamalFromGhostwriter

    This ain’t bittersweet. This is weak. A lot of legendary artists kill me with the years of inactivity then something bad happens and its this big revelation. I’m not being insensitive. Either way it’s unfortunate that Phife is no longer with us. RIP.

    • S D

      retard…the nigga was SICK, how active do you want him to be…put his family & health on hold to record sum tracks so u can feel he is relevant. White ppl do the shit all the time with old TV/Movie stars but you want hiphop to be different….BOY if you dont sitcho azz DOWN

      • JamalFromGhostwriter

        You don’t understand what you responded to.

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