N.O.R.E. Offers Proof Michael Jordan Is Telling A Lie

N.O.R.E sparked a bit of controversy earlier this week on a Rap Radar Podcast where he claimed that Michael Jordan once said “f*ck rap” at a Def Jam party. N.O.R.E claims MJ is a true hater of Hip Hop, and went on to say that Jordan wouldn’t allow his likeness to be used for the “Oh No” music video. N.O.R.E said there were plenty of rappers waiting to speak to Michael Jordan at the party, but he only spoke to Jay Z.

MJ’s rep, Estee Portnoy, spoke to TMZ sports denying Nore’s claims.

“MJ wasn’t at this party, doesn’t know N.O.R.E., and is a fan of ALL music. Drake is in his brand, and Nelly is a partner of his with the Charlotte Hornets.”

Now it was one thing to get your rep to lie about your stance on Hip Hop, but to say you weren’t at the party at all. N.O.R.E proved otherwise. It doesn’t matter what Michael Jordan says, y’all are still going to camp out for those J’s lol.


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