Dave Chappelle Clowns Bruce Jenner In Recent Standup Routine

(AllHipHop News) During his third show at the Palladium in Hollywood, comedian Dave Chappelle had a 6-7 minute standup routine about the Jenner family.  According to TMZ, Chappelle talked about Bruce Jenner first, calling him a “Super Hero” that was “beating Africans” in track and field in the 70’s. He then talked about a recent run-in with Kanye West that there was some “change coming through.”

According to the report, everyone was laughing at Chappelle’s hot sixteen full of jokes. However, Kylie Jenner was in VIP with Tyga that same night and she wasn’t laughing at all. Paparazzi manage to catch them both leaving the club. Tyga’s expression seems like he’s happy with what he saw, but Kylie’s not.

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