Will Jim Jones & Cam’ron Ever Settle Their Differences?

Photos via Jim Jones & Cam’ron’s Instagram

It looks like Jim Jones and Cam’ron still haven’t made up! Jim Jones was reflecting on the fact that Dipset’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ dropped 13 years ago. While he was reminiscing, he asked his fans to tell Cam to unblock him. Either Jim Jones is ready to put grudges to the side or he’s just being petty and poking fun at Killa Cam! Cam’ron isn’t quite ready to let their differences go either as he stated that he was blocking anyone who asked him to unblock Jim! Jim Jones was even mad at Cam a few months ago for cosigning Mendeecees as he believes Mendeecees is a snitch. Can’t we all just get along lol.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.34.37 PM

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