Puff Daddy, Ty Dolla $ign And Gizzle Celebrate The Good Life In New Visual

(AllHipHop News) Today (March 31st) Puff Daddy released the newest visual for his song “You Could Be My Lover” via VEVO.

For the video The MMM mogul commissioned Ty Dolla $ign and newly signed Bad Boy artist Gizzle for a LA house party sure to entertain viewers.

With beautiful ladies and plenty of vibes Puff Daddy and his team took over the Hollywood Hills mansion for a Ciroc-fueled visual overlooking Los Angeles and its skyline.

“I wanted to like create this vibe that like everyone who saw the video wanted to be at the party and at the house having fun,”director Harrison Boyce explained. “I guess the underlying concept is you can’t be my girl but you can be my lover, we can f*ck around,”

“Man, Puff man, he’s a legend. To be a part of this is really big. I always watched him growing up,” Ty Dolla stated as he started singing Puff Daddy’s “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” featuring Mase. “Now to be in the video with him is just crazy.”

“I had my verse idea, Ty has some of his hook ideas, Puff came and finished the hook and we all wrote the rest of the song. Once everyone brought their special ingredients to the gumbo it turned out into that thang,” Gizzle said.  “He knows exactly what he wants, even if he can’t tell you exactly in the right words. He knows exactly what he wants, if you just trust the process, you’ll get there.”

“He doesn’t stop where you would think, like where I would usually stop at,” Ty said of the recording process. “He’s like ‘Nah man, I see it in you man, I believe in you man. Go! Lets do this sht again real big! Like motion picture sht.”

Check out some images of the shoot and of course the official visual for “You Could Be My Lover” below:

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