Lil’ Kim Says She Was Using Auto-tune Long Before It Was Hot

Lil’ Kim wants to remind you that she has been using auto-tune long before the musical processor and effect dominated the music industry. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lil’ Kim shared that she was using auto-tune 16 years ago. The Queen Bee also recently sat down with Elias Leight to discuss ‘Lil Kim Season,’ her latest mixtape. She says she was using auto-tune heavy as she wanted her songs to sound different and because she was ahead of her time.

“Everyone needs to go back and remember my older music. I even used auto-tune back when no one even was touching it – I used it on The Notorious K.I.M., on a song called “I’m Human.” I sang on all my albums; this is nothing new to me. It’s just that people haven’t heard from me in a while, so they only remember most of the singles that were put out. People need to remember how different every song I put out [was]. “Kitty Box” sounds like something that would be out now. I was ahead of my time, all the time,” said Kim

Let ’em know Kim.


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