Joey Fatts and Vince Staples Make a Statement in Farrakhan Visuals

Cutthroat Boyz, Joey Fatts and Vince Staples, make a statement in their visuals for the banger “Farrakhan.

In the video, Fatts gets profiled and chased by police officers after a corner store run.  He tries to escape and hide but eventually gets caught.  Vince, who was also at the corner store, was dressed in a suit rather than your typical quick errand outfit consisting of a tee shirt and sweats.  He was basically invisible to the police while they instead chased the more threatening looking brother. But the twist comes in the end when Fatts gets his revenge on the cops that harassed him.

This seems to be a good year for the California MC, Joey Fatts.  In March he dropped his I’ll Call You Tomorrow tape and has been assisting with producing some material with Curren$y and A$ton Matthews.   Hope he keeps it up.

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