T.I. Calls Out Media, Responds To Claims He Charged $40k For Funeral Appearance

(AllHipHop News)   These days when an incident or rumor starts, it quickly becomes news and it can be very damaging if not tamed.

Atlanta rap veteran T.I. knows this and has quickly put an end recent allegations that he requested $40,000 to appear at a funeral.

After a 12-year-old nicknamed Tip was shot and killed in a drive-by, rumors began to swirl that the kid was a T.I. fan and that the child’s family wanted T.I. to attend the funeral.

After the child’s family made posts on social media requesting a T.I. appearance, several media outlets reported that the rapper was living up to claims made in his popular song “All About The Money” requesting $40k for the appearance.

T.I. denies the allegations and released an official statement on Instagram regarding the situation.

#LIES ain’t nobody contacted me for no such thing. Let alone me charge someone to attend a funeral. What people should do is be aware of who they’re contacting & not believe every Tom Dick & Hank who says they’re connected. BUT I’d appreciate it if y’all could quit wit da 💩…. I been in dis game too long… Check my resume’ I’ve payed for funerals & sent kids to college… Charging 40k to attend a funeral ain’t even in my repertoire…. #KnockItOFF”


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