Who is Joey Bada$$ Calling Out?

Joey Bada$$ took time out over the weekend to call out the mediocre rappers in the game. Well kind of. We guess to put some “respeck” on the rappers names, he didn’t drop any names or @ anyone, but he did bring up some interesting points.

He says rappers aren’t even inspiring those trying to get into the game to be great. According to him, they are doing the exact opposite with encouraging the young kids to take the easy way out and make “bubblegum” sounding music. He went on to say that rappers are afraid to speak up about how terrible other rappers are right now. He said,

“Rappers these days are scared to say other rappers are trash so Ill be the first to say.. Yall niggaz is trash and a disgrace to the culture.”

Like Joey, we don’t know who to be more disappointed in: the fans (sheeple as he calls them) for buying it, or the rappers for putting it out. We still want to know who he is referring to! Put some names on these claims! LOL. What are your thoughts?

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