Chance The Rapper Confirms Collaborative Project With Childish Gambino

It was only two years ago when Childish Gambino premiered “The Worst Guys,” a single off of his album Because the Internet, which featured Chance the Rapper the same year his last critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap released. They’ve always worked together, whether it was for Gambino’s single or for Chance’s “Favorite Song.” However, rumors started to circulate about the two rappers working on a collaborative project together.

Well, yesterday, Chance the Rapper confirmed that a collaborative project actually exists. The Chicago rapper stated the project exists after a fan asked him a question about it via Reddit.

Chance answered a plethora of fan questions in the digital community following the release of his critically acclaimed project, Coloring Book. From the rapper talking about crafting the album with his daughter in mind, to updates about Vic Mensa’s highly anticipated debut album Traffic, Chance the Rapper spilled the beans for the fans. You can check out the Reddit conversation here.

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