Brian Angel Calls Out Puff Daddy For Excluding Day26 From Bad Boy Reunion Tour

(AllHipHop News) Many music fans were excited to hear the news about Puff Daddy’s upcoming “The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.”

However, one singer that was once connected to the label is questioning why his group was left off the bill.

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Back in 2007, Puff used the MTV reality series Making the Band 4 to put together the male R&B group Day26.

Brian Angel, Robert Curry, Willie Taylor, Qwanell Mosley, and Michael McCluney would go on to release the chart-topping albums Day26 and Forever In A Day via Bad Boy Records.

Angel took to Twitter to call out Puffy for not including Day26 on the Bad Boy tour. He wrote, “With all do respect I’m tryna figure out [Puff Daddy] how can you have a BAD BOY reunion tour and me and my Bros [Day26] aren’t apart of it bro?”

French Montana, Faith Evans, Lil Kim, Mario Winans, Total, The Lox, 112, and Ma$e have been announced as performers on the nationwide fall tour. Day26 – as well as fellow MTB/Bad Boy alumni Danity Kane and Donnie Klang – are currently not set to be part of the reunion.

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Read Brian Angel’s tweets below.

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51 Responses to “Brian Angel Calls Out Puff Daddy For Excluding Day26 From Bad Boy Reunion Tour”

  1. DjLarryLuv

    The point of this tour was obviously bad boy’s golden era. I know them tour checks would have been nice, but i think he knows why day 26 wasnt invited

  2. DreamBigLiveLarge

    on the real, if any group from that “mid-age” bad boy era should be on the tour, its that white girl group “dream” .. they were low key dope af.
    but in reality French is the only act outside of bad boys golden era, and that’s because he’s poppin and will draw ticket sales

  3. Steelmatic

    Cause Bad Boy ain’t got enough liquid to bring on tour to satisfy that THIRST… damn, son is practically begging….

  4. xxthoughtxx

    he doent understand those 3 groups were a quick money flip, if Pdiddy has a Reality Show Reunion then yes they should be there,

  5. ursocalledgod

    LMMFAO dawg 90 percent of the people whove been listening to R&B from the 90s-2000s don’t remember this test tube group. knock it off! looks to me like some one needs a thirst quencher…

  6. docjambeats

    Why would he set himself up like this? Puff had a lot of acts signed to Bad Boy over the years. This tour is focused on the groups and acts who actually had HITS. Day 26 had none.

  7. Jmo-Texas

    Is this guy serious lmao?? I couldnt name not one member of that so-called group! If I was Diddy, I would have left them out too! We talking about old school members and new members that are putting u numbers or have serious street presence, none of which Day26 has.. Face it Brian WhateverTheF*ck Urnameis, Day26 was done on Day 1!

  8. Apex Productionz

    Day 26 was not an iconic BadBoy group and had ZERO hits those other acts are.That’s like Diddy bringing back that all white female pop group(DREAM) he tried to put out years ago.NO!

  9. ApricotNapalm

    with all due respect i dont remember any of they songs…. YoungCity had a couple worldstar joints that was catchy but thats it

  10. STEPH

    S— Puff doing what he do….being cut throat, but forget about Day 26…He needed to bring Shyne with him. That Godfather buried alive was the s—.

  11. BlackBombshell

    To be fair, Day26 had two albums that debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 (‘Day26’ & ‘Forever In A Day’) and DID have hits and videos (“Got Me Going”, “Silly Love”, “Co Star”, Are We In This Together”, “Since You’ve Been Gone”) with major MTV and BET play.

    Somebody said why don’t the MTB groups tour together under the name “Making The Tour”. Actually, that already happened. Danity Kane and Day26 toured together to sold-out theaters across the U.S. Can’t remember if ‘The Band’ was a part of of it though.

    Aside from Diddy CLEARLY sticking to the “Golden Era” of ‘Bad Boy’ and names associated with ‘Bad Boy’ that still have heat and credibility, I don’t see why Diddy CAN’T have Day26 open for them on some dates? Their music never swayed far from the ‘Bad Boy’ “sound” and are still very much R&B, unlike Danity Kane and/or Dawn Richard. ‘The Band’ never actually got a good start and fizzled before anybody really could catch on.

    The good thing about this post is that I had to go back on iTunes and listen to samples of their debut album (I bought it, it’s here…somewhere) and remembered why I liked them in the first place. I ended up buying ‘Day26’ again (digitally). So if Brian is upset about cashflow right now, then, there’s that. Good luck to them tho. The industry is a beast.

  12. Your Dog Needs Training.

    “With all do respect?”

    I can’t see it happening now, Puff said that English Language which includes both spoken and written was a criteria for those that wanted to be on the bad boy reunion tour.

    Sorry mate.

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