Top Dawg Wants You To Support Schoolboy Q More!

The game is rough out here and that doesn’t matter who you are down with. Even TDE can experience some issues. Top Dawg, the head of the crew, seems to think people are not supportive enough of Schoolboy Q. He had a single with Kanye West that seemed pretty cool to the young bucks. I thought it was just “OK,” but I clearly am not who it was for

Top Dawg TDE
Here it is:

Anyway, Schoolboy Q has finished his album and is waiting for his release date.
schoolboy q tde

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21 Responses to “Top Dawg Wants You To Support Schoolboy Q More!”

  1. The Wackness Vs Dope

    dude the single is wack. Straight up. It sounds like a poor mans Drake – POP STYLE. It sounds like something tailored to be a singled based on what DRAKE is doing. and what KANYE is doing. and both of them are just ripping off other ppl and putting garbage simplistic music right now so the imitation of garbage is even more garbage. Numbers don’t lie. nobody want’s to hear that crap. Go back to your roots of why ppl started effing with you in the first place. And that was habbits and contradictions. The only reason i decided to even listen to that thing was

    Hands on Wheel.
    two dope tracks then i hear
    There He Go
    Druggys wit 2
    Figg St – such a dope song


      Oxymoron is not trash.


      Los Awesome

      Hoover Street(best song on the album)



      Break The Bank

      Blind Threats

      Man of the Year

      Fvck LA

      That ish was ill. Not Trendy or commercial on a whole. The Oxymoron LP was suprisingly HIPHOP. Schoolboy Q is for the street and real kids out there. Not the soft Kendrick ish.

      You’re right about the new single’s beat tho. I said it before and I’ll say it again, It should have been produced by Kanye and not featured a guest verse by him.

      Top Dawg is a wannabe mogul. He wants so desperately to be a big timer and famous that he’s going to run his company into the ground instead of letting his artists make raw real music. Jay Rock, Ab Soul, and Schoolboy Q aren’t pop artists.

  2. Papi Peligro

    That part personifies all that’d wrong with school boy q. Raps is just mediocre. Beats be all the way live. So you struggle through it but dude doesn’t have a catchy a rhyme delivery. Doesn’t have any lyrics.


        Nonsense. Schoolboy way better than Jay-Rock and Lyrically Jay is last out the crew.

  3. ZUBU

    Sound like dude is begging people to buy his boy’s music. Either people like it or they don’t, good products sell themselves with little to no promotion. Word of mouth and then repeat customers.

  4. big brain

    If people don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it..Ego is getting big on that label. Q needs to rap about girls,drugs and parties

  5. Tanman01

    People aren’t obligated to buy anything. Make something people wanna buy and they will buy it. Simple. Then you beg for fan support yet you’re rapping about flaunting your wealth? Ha ha

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