Chuck Inglish Doesn’t “F**k With the Zoo,” Tweets About Death of Haramabe The Gorilla

(AllHipHop News) Over the weekend, news emerged that gorilla, named Harambe, was gunned down after a child fell in his cage at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The child snuck in the cage’s barrier because he wanted to play in the moat located inside the artificial habitat, and was soon approached and lifted by the 400-pound primate, before zoo officials decided to shoot and kill the animal according reports.

Fortunately, the child was rushed to the hospital without any life threatening injuries.  However, Harambe, an endangered gorilla, was confirmed dead.

Once news surfaced that Harambe died, many mourned the passing of the endangered gorilla on social media.

Some were even a bit verbal about the situation, including producer and one half of Chicago duo The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish.

The rapper sounded off about the entire incident via Twitter, stating that the child shouldn’t have been in the cage the first place.

Which soon lead to his overall opinion about the Cincinnati Zoo (and possibly all similar ones).

The producer brushed the small rant with a bit of humor by commenting on the possible reaction of the animals after the shooting, following a retweet from Two 9 member, RetroJace, about the killing.


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