James Blake Speaks Highly Of Frank Ocean’s New Album

(AllHipHop News) Frank Ocean has been very quiet about his newest album. The singer was supposed to release it a year ago.

Unfortunately, the official date fell through and now fans have been waiting ever since. However, there is one person who has listened to the critically acclaimed project, and that’s London singer, James Blake.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Blake talked about listening to some music on Ocean’s unreleased album.

“His music was a huge influence on the way I was writing the record, the way I was writing melodies. I was more of a fan of him when I heard his newer music,” Blake noted. “It’s better. You grow, you improve, you nail a new message to the board. He’s had time to mature. It’s really cool to watch.”

Frank Ocean received writing credits on James Blake’s recently surprise release, The Color In Anything, after writing two songs on the album.

The former Odd future member still hasn’t released an official release date for his own album.

Check out more of the Rolling Stone article here.

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