Tomi Lahren Sarcastically Thanks Pusha T & Jay Z For Her “Drug Dealer” Feature

Remember earlier this year when Beyonce’s Beyhive stung TheBlaze personality, Tomi Lahren, after she accused Beyonce of spreading hate speech and condemned her for marrying a “drug dealer”?

Well, Jay Z decided to check Tomi on Pusha T’s new single “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” and let’s just say Tomi isn’t too happy about it. Jay used a sound bite from Tomi’s rant where she told Beyonce,

“Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home.”

She took to her Twitter account to sarcastically thank Pusha & Hov as she claimed she always wanted to be on a track with two drug dealers.

“Always wanted to be on a track with two drug dealers. Thanks @PUSHA_T & #JayZ #DrugDealersAnonymous,” said Tomi.”

These “conservative” trolls are something else.

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63 Responses to “Tomi Lahren Sarcastically Thanks Pusha T & Jay Z For Her “Drug Dealer” Feature”

  1. Controversy Sells

    But will you get paid for it? Will you capitalize off of this? Because this is the first I’ve heard from you since the initial comments

  2. PeoplePlease7

    God forbid someone publicly challenges our beloved rap artists for glamourizing / romanticizing a lifestyle based off selling poison to Black people. Troll or not, trap rap is a topic at least worth discussing.

    • In Black America Radio

      publicly challenge out beloved rap artist when they publicly challenge their beloved actors for doing the same thing.

      • Brick Tamland#NoPulloutGang🍀🎤

        That’s true but the woman does have a point. If you want to criticize actors, directors, or whoever romanticize that kind of lifestyle and then they turn around and say how bad it is to sell to people go right ahead but it doesn’t mean Beyoncé isn’t being a tad bit hypocritical. Personally, I doubt Beyoncé really cares either way…it’s all about publicity and selling her music.

      • In Black America Radio

        what is her point? we live in a hypocritical country, so what is her point?

      • Two_guns_Billy

        So why criticize Beyonce for doing something that she learned from the masses?

      • PeoplePlease7

        Agreed. Now as for glorifying a drug lifestyle via music what are your thoughts?

      • Papi Peligro

        Oh good point. The problem is this is america. It didn’t start with Jay Z remember Johnny Cash, Billy Grammar, Prohibition Blues in th1919. I mean that whole show Boardwalk would end with DRUG DEALER SONGS from 1919. Tell me when drug dealer and user music didn’t exist.

      • PeoplePlease7

        Been there since the beginning with drugs and music. Now since young Black Pusha T and Jay Z fans are going to jail on drug charges at rates exponentially higher than Johhny Cash fans, why not hold these artists accountable for their works and music content?

      • Papi Peligro

        Only cause they change the drug laws. Back when prohibition blues was out and it was allot more murders over prohibition allot more people went to jail. Just for not as long a duration.

        If you think Johnny cash fans didn’t use drugs. Hahahahahahahaha. Psychotropic drugs.

      • In Black America Radio

        i need a definition of what glorifying is. i say that because i didnt see this flack when Arnold was gov of california and he glorified violence………or is that not glorifying? is the WWE glorifying violence? so i need a definition of what is or an example of what is or not glorifying. CVS, WALGREEN, DUANE REEDS, RITE AID etc etc advertise drugs they sell and the number 1 killer of americas is drugs sold out of these stores, but i dont see this same flack. so is the issue because there is music or a beat behind us?

    • Black Jay Supreme

      I understand you and I don’t. On one hand, drugs are totally f*cking up the community. But on the other hand, the drug dealers aren’t the ones filling your medicine cabinet and hitting you with Come ons during family tv shows. The biggest drug dealer in America has been and always will be White Business/ Governmment. Street corner dealers aren’t in my house or even my neighborhood. But the White dealers are. And who do you think is in Wayne’s, Gucci Mane’s and Half of the South’s cup? It ain’t no street dealer. It’s cough syrup. And last I checked that sh*t was corporate. This chick is just another White person looking to demonize Blacks for some sh*t that Whites have been getting rich off of from jump. Don’t fall for that reverse racism homie. It’s like Chris Rock says,

      “Only the White Man can profit from pain…”

      • PeoplePlease7

        Analyzing the messenger has gotten us nowhere and neither is repeated analysis of America’s hypocritical racist drug policy.

        Many Black youth are being raised in a culture which encourages selling poison via this music. Until the conscious community implements a plan to end the US drug war ( they haven’t) we need to address this message with practical strategies.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        So…. You give a pass to the corporate drug dealers but you want to punish Black ones? Your aim is off. This person isn’t a messenger bringing a solution. This woman is only serving her self interests. It’s easy to condemn without offering a solution to a problem. I just refuse to be a sniper on this subject when the job calls for a street sweeper. There is no righteousness in America. Period. And to oversimplify it with Nancy Reaganesque slogans and solutions is doing a disservice to the real problem. A rapper that glorifies his history, negative or positive, can never even come 2% close to the real problem. America is about money. And where you find tons of currency, you find a deficit of morals. And n*ggas need to be real about it. There is and never will be a solution to that. No matter how many cups of righteousness you dump on the problem.

      • PeoplePlease7

        If every conversation about Black people taking practical steps to reform Black culture and fix those Black problems we contribute to gets railroaded into a discussion on analyzing white people, we never get around to fixing our issues. If those who thought like you had an actual plan to implement that street sweeper, that would be respected.

        So since my aim is off, what is the estimate for when you (and those who think like you) will finally implement this street sweeper? Until then, how about focusing on practical strategies Black people can do now to address the role that these Black artists play in perpetuating drug culture in Black communities until that nonexistent day when America lives up to it’s ideals.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Here are more relevant questions…. Was Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream fulfilled? After all of that marching and singing and praying, did he make things better for Black folks? Did Pusha T and Jay Z come before or after Dr. King was assassinated? Is this what we marched for?
        What about Malcolm X? Did he make things better for us Black folks? What did praying and marching and singing get him? Nothing but a bullet.

        Now I’m not sh*tting on what these dudes gave for human rights. They did push the needle ever so slightly. But as an overall assessment of what’s been happening to our people in history, we haven’t gotten much better than the f*cking 1960’s. White dudes are still killing Black folks and ain’t sh*t being done about it.

        My point is this…. Our people matter. But only to extent that they take the blinders off. This is a world full of sin. And rather than perpetuate the ignorance of marching and protest and expecting Black folks to be held to a higher standard than their White neighbors, how about getting off the neck of the Black man and putting the focus on those individuals that really deserve to be checked. Because out of all of your rhetoric, I haven’t heard you check the record companies that collect the most from pushing this narrative. The Black man is an easy target. Go to the source.

      • PeoplePlease7

        So my aim is still off, absolutely hilarious. Good luck in your quests to hold white America accountable or reform the US or whatever it is you want to call it. I quit holding my breath years ago and encourage others to do the same with real practical solutions.

        I personally think it’s a political form of sitting on your a** until your slave master magically decides to change (which they never will). The same mentality where Farrakhan rallied thousands of able bodied Black men who traveled past East Baltimore (where we conducted our mentoring program with a shortage of Black volunteers) with the highest murder rate in city history (after the riots) to go demand “justice”. No new neighborhood watch groups, no new charter schools featuring holistic African teachings, no new farms, no treating these gangs as genocidal hooligans more dangerous than the Klan and racist cops combined, no joining the police force, just petitioning and waiting on “whitey” as usual with no results.

        I think it’s crazy and find you all’s methodology pointless in terms of being practical, but do I respect the dialogue…. Peace

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Respect dude. We just disagree on this subject. Out of all of the different races that made America what it is today, none of them have been able to rise to a high level of moral independence. Name one. You can’t. And the reason you can’t is because America is the cesspool of the world. It’s foundations were built on negativity and the machinations operate on money (aka more negativity). There is no promised land in this b*tch. You either play the game or get played. I believe in equality. But this expectation that we need to be 200% better than our White neighbors is bullsh*t. Either everyone gets better together or no one gets better. Black and White. Trayvon was walking home from the store. Positive or not, he would’ve died based on the negative actions of a member of his country. And until that glaring f*ck up is fixed, I can only take care of the problems as they appear in my life. This is America. One of the most vicious places on earth. And as long as you’re here, it will remain just as vicious. Righteousness or not.


  3. Markus

    She’ll never admit it but she appreciated being mentioned. Irrelevant people get a kick out of being recognized by those that are.

  4. Q.

    AHAHA! Shorty’s in her feelings…Jay’s response Tweet was like:

    (Jigger voice) 99 problems but this trick ain’t one, bet the fiends around Marcy say my shlt A-1
    I was chuckin that Tomi when you were sucklin your mommy
    Caught shade from this blondie ’cause she wants the salami (tuh!) LOL

  5. Nyga07

    in response to the black and white comments, I DO GET IT, BUT i WILL SAY .. BLACK ppl have to stop worrying about everyone else, and fix us. FuGG A comment or how anyone feels if you have yourself in order none of it would matter. Learn to get along, love, build, and take care our own shyt and stop waiting on anyone to make anything even. Use the resources around, and really it is time to release the gangsta and hard image completely. IT IS POISON WE FEED OURSELVES, AND HURT OURSELVES WITH. I know it is a simple solution to say, and almost impossible to do. Turn that me to WE, only way out this thing, and everybody around us know that is the reason they never have to worry about us really owning anything. We not broke, just separated. I stole that line from Azie Faison before anybody try to say i just repeating something, thank you I am! This is not about black power, we don’t need to chase power, no one has total control of that, but what you do have power over is control. I would love to be a speaker like our own church where we just go and talk real life, LET ME STOP RAMBLING to you my dudes, enjoy the day crack a joke, make fun of a person , but dont hate…. I’m out been off 5 days I’m chilling like I’m at the crib or something (bills need paying)

  6. Smashit

    The funny part is her lily white azz is so mad she using slang to get her point across – don’t worry people “she’s good” lmao

  7. Real Real Talk

    It’s just hype 4 push T single .
    This N?gga J ant had his hand on
    A brick since the Egyptian was building
    Pryminds 1 brick at a time.

  8. chippc

    She’s angling for that Fox News spot, but if CthaGod can fluster you via Skype and make you fumble over your words, then in the words of Jay Z, “You are not ready!”

  9. Macadon

    um.. Tomi yea they are not drug dealers, They are rapper/business mogul/father/husband/philanthropist. Learn the differences between who you use to be and who you are currently. Conservative talking points are asinine a lot of times but what else do you expect?

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