Joe Budden Calls Nicki Minaj Stupid For Liking Meek Mill

Joe Budden recently decided to address a couple of things on his latest podcast, ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later Episode 68’ He took a moment to discuss Drake dissing him on “4 PM in Calabasas,” he confirmed that Drake took his ex, Tahiry, on vacation and he also took shots at Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill (44:00)

Joe Budden called Nicki Minaj stupid because she likes stupid n-ggas like Meek Mill. Ouch. Nicki Minaj responded to some of Joe Budden’s previous comments when she suggested that he have fun with his little podcast. Joe accused Nicki of trying to be slick, and he said Nicki sounded real stupid.

“I know she’s stupid ’cause she likes stupid n-ggas because Meek is stupid,” said Budden.

Budden said he doesn’t feel offended by Nicki saying have fun with your little podcast because he says every major mind has a podcast.The Barbz definitely weren’t feeling it. Will we be seeing a Meek Mill Joe Budden diss soon?

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96 Responses to “Joe Budden Calls Nicki Minaj Stupid For Liking Meek Mill”

  1. DrakeOVO2016









    8.BIG KRIT

    9.BIG SEAN


  2. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    Meek doesn’t need to diss Joe. N*gga looking to push that last album
    of his. And he’s kind of a b*tch. 1 Dude disses you and you d*ckride him
    then, you diss another n*gga WHO AIN’T THINKING ABOUT YOU lol.

    for real, for real a beef would be an automatic L for Buddens. He
    started a beef over a man showing love for his woman lol. Man. GTFOH
    with that. TBH I hope Nicki disses his @ss. Bring up his Domestic
    violence sh*t. N*gga beat a girl into a miscarriage.


    weak meek is a HUGE ‘L’ for Nicki, but shows her TRUE COLORS, that’s she’s nothing but a hood rat with LOTS of make-up over an around the way girl, not a cultural leader or innovator…..



  4. Black Jay Supreme

    These Bruce Jenner Commentators be killing me.

    Is it me or did Joe Budden put on Nicki’s tampon for this episode? I mean, how the f*ck can he tell a chick what type of dude she likes? For real Joe. You wanna be Nicki or something? Borderline b*tch if you ask me. 😂😂😂

    • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

      This whole thing started because he thought Meek was treating Nicki too good. I can’t take this dude seriously. I believe he is a bit Jealous. Nicki looks like the typical chick Joe goes for. He’s mad Meek got there 1st lol

  5. chippc

    I’ll admit I called a chick stupid because I was salty at the dude she was dating. But in my defense, I was in the 8th grade…

  6. Guillaume Pilon

    joe is a top 5 doa mc

    but i dont know why he always feel the need to drop ”nobody care bout it” comments

  7. Markus

    This only gains momentum if Nicki and Meek fall for it. For all the shots fired at Meek last year,if he’s smart he realizes he’s more relevant than Joe. So is Nicki. So to respond is giving Joe life his talent never gave him.

    • Banka

      Oh but Meek will respond, hence the term Stupid Ni**a, now ya feel what Joe is saying, besides Meek is still throwing shots at Drake like a stupid Ni**a


    Man these rappers be killing me with the lil side jabs, if you gon diss somebody at least do it with class. Talking about another ni***s girl just for some listens on your podcast isn’t considered honorable? It sounds like Joe Budden is about to start some sh** if you ask me. I think Meek would get him just on the fact that Joe is kicking Meek in the head while he’s down. Ya know how the underdog story goes,people don’t start acting stupid now .

    • Boston80sbaby

      Hes DEF gonna stat something. On his podcast he been waiting for that track to drop where drake starts with pump it up. Also he keeps saying that the peace within hip hop is about to be over. The next couple weeks should be entertaining at some point…hopefully

  9. Poseidon

    Even with the massive amount of L’s Meek took over the past year, I think most people would honestly agree that Joe Budden is STILL beneath him in terms of money or status…. Not a Meek fan, but IJS…

    • Soulrebel1

      Sound like a groupie to me what man talks about money & status when comparing rapper’s? Dudes these day suspect…

    • Papi Peligro

      At least Meek expresses his frustration in song and in 140 characters on Twitter. You a PODCAST NINJA. Come on bra. PODCAST? REALLY? PODCAST. I mean have fun with it but don’t act like its going to be in the running for daytime emmy. Nobody I know play podcast.

      • Casor_Greener

        Never listened to a Podcast in my life. Not even sitting in my office. Not saying it’s corny but I just don’t find it appealing

  10. Now and The Foward

    You know, I think he just said what a bunch of people quietly think. Truth or not. However, time will really tell after he is finally done with all his legal troubles.

  11. Executive Pipes

    Meek dating Nikki bring the jealousy outta lot of dudes, it’s like dudes out here saying they got all this money and all these chick’s but they acting like some jealous a$$ weak broads because another man is living it up.

    • Papi Peligro

      Man what you talking bout. He mad cause he running after a waitress at Dave Busters crying. Dude pulling millionaires. I mean I may say it cause I’m a nobody in a comment section. If I was dude in music I would never let that out cause its clear hating.

      • Executive Chef Boy R B

        Lol, as a man certain stuff should just stay unsaid.


        Budden is suspect af. If he’s not in the closet, he’s a straight man with very hoe-ish tendencies. I actually felt bad for him after seeing that MTV special showing what he went through with Def Jam years ago but he has exposed himself as a cornball one too many times. I wouldn’t call myself a Meek fan by any means but “Levels” sh!ts on anything Joe has ever done. Joe has no style or character or presence. Just an above average rapper.

      • ItIswatItIs

        respectfully ur tripping truth speaker…joe has #bars for days n has put out some crazy songs n mixtapes tha mood music series bodies meeks work alone not to mention no love lost n all love lost

      • Nyga07

        yeah I was like levels bodies all work??? lol now i do feel joe is a cornball lol but that don’t stop his music ability… he never been same since the game went in on him in the g unit days lol… now that was classic, drake got a lot of dudes hurting lol


        # 1 you upvoted yourself. Why?

        # 2 Joe Budden could rap and put words together until infinity. He can rap better than I ever could. But he just lacks that quality to push him over the edge and make him anything special. He’s what I call a babble rapper. He just raps and raps and raps and is technically proficient but he doesn’t have character. He’s boring and no better than all these other guys trying to sell their mix cd in the street and at shows. Meek isn’t the best lyricist but he has a distinct voice and presence on the mic. With better producers Meek could make some real ill hiphop. He’s a Transformer and Joe Budden is a Go Bot.

      • ItIswatItIs

        again I disagree respectfully meek is 1 dimensional alotta yelling ma rollie im a boss nikki Bentley alotta bragging alotta bravado no substance anyone can brag loudly over beat…allow me to b frank meek is a run of tha mill rapper dime a dozen joe is a lyricist metaphors punches story telling double entendres…n honestly its all a matter of preference but by tha standards u created meek would actually be tha babble rapper skill voice and presence wise…

      • In Black America Radio

        consequence had the # who is derrick. did nagas forget this? cause that story got wrapped up quick

  12. The Legendary Troll

    Nickis fire is slowly disintegrating and she knows it. Meek been on a downward spiral since the drake beef so to me their perfect for each other.

    • Aww Some

      Her “fire” isn’t disintegrating she just hasn’t put out any music recently since she always takes a two year break between her albums, her fan base is too large and too loyal for that to happen to her, Once she start releasing music again which i think is pretty soon she’ll be back where she started

    • harold altagracia

      Nicki is the second most listened to female artist on spotify and she’s like in the top 10 most followed people on IG. I think just because she didn’t put out no new music after that down in the dm remix doesn’t mean her fire is slowly dying, i think she’s about to come out with her next album or mixtape.

  13. Papi Peligro

    Oh so you can get at Nicki but can’t get at Drake? These dudes is acting like podcast are legit. Man you an MC be an MC. MC’s don’t air people out on podcast. Get dissed and act like a girl that caught Drake sweaty shirt at a concert. Then turn around and diss females cause you gossiping about their business and they call you a podcaster. No MCs don’t do that PODCASTERS do. This ninja ain’t nothing but another person in AHH comment section.

    • Innocent Bystander

      You’re acting like MCing is a physical trait he was born with. You’ve known him to be a rapper, now he can’t be or do anything else?

      I guess Jay Z can’t own a streaming company because he’s an MC? The artificial justifications you clowns make up to justify your asininity is just laughable. You sound like a miseducated kindergartner.

      • Papi Peligro

        No I’m saying Jay Z can’t get on a Tidal start responding to Drake about how great he is and how he need to Thank Drake for dissing him. But Diddy career is over he don’t respond when DIDDY AIN’T NEVER BEEN A RAPPER.

      • Innocent Bystander

        Are you a native English speaker my friend – honest question?

  14. stephen

    definitely gonna be some diss songs coming out… actually looking forward to see what a meek mill vs. j budden beef will look like…..

      • stephen

        true…but u know he don’t care about that stuff…if anything he gonna feel it adds to his podcast…shoot if he did care he would’ve stopped after beef with Method man leading to that rae incident…..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      it will look like Joe spittin circles around meek with no mention of money cash hoes just straight bars….. Meek cant do that and Im a philly dude.

      • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

        Joe dissing Meek because Meek treats his woman with repect is already a huge L for Joe in my book. And Joe has a domestic and alledgedly beat his girlfriend so bad she had a miscarriage. He will never get a prop for me for anything. F*ckin woman beater.

  15. Papi Peligro

    Wasn’t Joe Budden the same dude that kicked out of Taxstone podcast cause he didn’t want to answer questions about his personal life.

    • Robert Gray

      Sounded more like Joe said, “We should just end this.” and Tax agreed. But I actually listened to the entire thing.

      • Innocent Bystander

        These clowns love spreading bastardizations of the truth.

      • Papi Peligro

        Nah you didn’t listen to the part where TAX SAID GET THIS DUDE OUT OF HERE.

  16. Dreday

    Lmao get em joe nicki is stupid fa messing wit meek he’s below her not even on her level as artist or money wise dude is a bum big ups to joe fo speaking the truth

  17. STEPH

    He sounds like a jealous f— boy “she’s stupid because she likes Meek” LOL! Ni–a sound like he beats the skin off his d— to Nikki poster every night and the thought that she would never entertain the idea of messing with Joe ticks him and his painted on beard off. Joe’s a convicted woman beater (Tahiry/Kaitlyn and many more) and a druggie….He hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut yet…I know he hasn’t forgot when he was talking cash s— about the Wu and Raekwon and a few of his ni–as went to Joes dressing room and he got cracked in his jaw LMAO! (you tube) No more L&HH, Slaughterhouse is a wrap…..Joey needs someone to pay attention to him, he’s acting out LMAO!

  18. Guest

    Y’all need to stop confusing intelligence for talent. Meek n Nikki both have talent. People are hired to do the thinking for them. But giving credit when it’s due, Meek or his ppl were smart enough to take advantage of Nikki. The hood teaches you to be an opportunist. But intellect isn’t either of their strengths. Stop being sheep

  19. Innocent Bystander

    I’m still mad at Joey Buddens for inadvertently putting Taxstone on the map to cause all of the filth he ended up causing.

    Now you can’t even hear a peep out of Tax. Now, that there’s real heat seeking head hunting out in the streets, you can’t get a peep out of him. All the culture vultures who gave Tax a platform like Vlad aren’t even talking about the incident.

    The hip hop world is full of rabid animals that deserve to be put down.

  20. Dox

    I mean…Joe has a point, kind of.

    Then again, lots of people can be attracted to someone even if they’re stupid, doesn’t make THEM stupid by association.

  21. Dox

    Budden cool, but my god, he turned to a black twitter blogger who just wants attention and tries to bait people into mentioning him to make him relevant…pretty sad considering I thought dude had talent for real.

    Joe Budden makes news for everything BUT music [that he makes] these days….


    I’m sorry to inform you PEOPLE on how I feel but Joe Budden pulled a sucka MOVE, calling a girl stupid for dating A MALE, somebody that you don’t even rock with like that is a very stupid MOVE I RECKON.
    I just lost my interest in any of Joe Budden music ALTOGETHER. This guy is a jackass , he should be blackballed from music immediately, Meek Mill is venna end this ni**a career I said it first.

    M.U. THA DON IS GHOST!!!!!!

  23. STFUUIgnants

    He’s coming off like he’s jealous, like if she was going to be with a man less successful than her, it should be him. I guess he thinks we’ve forgotten about all his bonehead moves, being a drug addict , getting smacked up by the WU after dissing them, then doing a stream with him holding the ice pack on his eye? LMAO.

    Nicki might come off like a black bimbo, but she’s been with how many dudes since the start of her career….”2″ in like 10 years. That’s pretty dam respectable.


    I’ll write a diss track about this ni**a right now, just give me the word & he’s finished Joe Budden can GET served right now! Ya rap ni***a GET too emotional for me, I’ll kill the INDUSTRY!

  25. big brain

    It’s funny but he might be right..Some girls like stupid guys so they can be in control..Meek has six years of probation, I know in back of her mind she wish she chose better.

  26. Guest

    Y’all mad at Joe for stating the obvious n for echoing what Nikki proclaims of herself. So let me ask this. When you think of a Barbie n Ken doll, is intelligence a characteristic that comes to mind? 🤔

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