Rapper Jae Focus Drops “Knockin’,” Lead Single From Debut Album

Rapper Jae Focus drops a dope new track titled “Knockin.”

This song is the lead single from Jae Focus’ recently debuted album entitled 33.3 (Thirty-Three & A Third.)

According to Jae Focus, he uses his music to bring cultural and political awareness to listeners, in addition to providing a dose of reality in his raps.

“I’ve been an artist since I could finger-paint. that same creative energy I had as a youth, just managed to manifest itself more in a lyrical aspect,” Jae Focus said. “I am from Wilmington, DE’s West Side section, I’ve been a performing artist since around 8 years old.”

Visit http://www.jaefocus.com to learn more about the rapper or check him out of Facebook and Twitter.

Give “Knockin’” a listen below: