Oakland Honors 2Pac With “Tupac Shakur Day”

(AllHipHop News) Today (June 16) is the birthday of the iconic 2Pac. The city of Oakland, California is recognizing their adoptive son by declaring this date “Tupac Shukar Day.”

Hip-Hop advocate LeRoy McCarthy revealed to Okayplayer that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf confirmed the honor for the late West Coast representative. McCarthy also took part in drafting the language for the resolution.

“Although Tupac was born in Harlem, New York City in 1971, later lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Marin City, California, he cherished his time in Oakland as his home, stating that he got his ‘Game’ from Oakland,” reads the Mayor’s office’s proclamation. “Tupac once said: ‘…I give all my love to Oakland, if I’ma claim somewhere I’ma claim Oakland.”

This week also saw Pac named one of the latest rap stars to have their lyrics printed on special editions of Sprite cans. He was joined by Missy Elliott and J. Cole.

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16 Responses to “Oakland Honors 2Pac With “Tupac Shakur Day””

  1. hoeyuno

    On the real I wasnt a huge pac fan when he was alive… I loved his movies though and his music has proven to be timeless.. Changes is one of the realest rap songs ever made!!

  2. killadreadred

    “Last year was a haul but life goes on, holding my head against the wall learning right from wrong” Makaveli-Krazy.

  3. Sawcysaw

    “The city of Oaktown laced me wit my first case when them punk police tried to break me. Didn’t think the shyt was cute so I got a lawsuit and made them punk police buy my coupe! This is how we do this”.Too $hort featuring Pac & Mc Breed. Classic shyt. Town bizness. RIP PAC (RIP Breed too)

  4. Sawcysaw

    @ killadredred “Last year was a hard one but life goes on, bumpin my head against the wall learnin right from wrong”

  5. Poseidon

    Everybody quoting “Krazy”. Why does that song pop in my head, too, whenever I think of Pac’s shlt? I guess that shlt is just so real to everyone. So easy to relate. Pure genius.

    Top 5 Pac:
    1) Hold Ya Head
    2) Krazy
    3) Lost Souls
    4) Hellrazor
    5) Thug Luv

    What am I even thinking?? A Tupac top 5 is damn near impossible. Everything legit…..

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