The Game Says Tupac’s Biopic Makes Biggie’s Look Like A Cartoon

It looks like west coast ambassador The Game has put his stamp of approval on ‘All Eyez On Me’, the Tupac biopic. It’s safe to say Game would choose a Pac biopic over a Biggie one any day, but if a Tupac biopic was poorly produced like the Aaliyah one, Game wouldn’t bite his tongue on it either.

The Game says that the film is the real deal, and it makes the Biggie biopic look like a cartoon. Being that Game said this out of his own mouth, this Pac movie actually may do the late rapper justice. If it was a horrible depiction, we would expect to see a very outspoken Game going in. Although ‘Notorious’ may not be cited as one of the best biopics, it still was successful. We’re getting the feeling that this film still won’t top ‘Straight Outta Compton’ though.

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