YG Admits Paranoia Made Him Question If DJ Mustard Had Him Shot (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) YG’s life has included hardships such as getting shot at a Los Angeles studio last year. The Compton rapper agreed to speak with a licensed therapist about his battles with paranoia over the violent incident.

Viceland’s Noisey filmed the counseling session with YG and Siri Sat Nam Singh, PhD. The 22-minute video features the Still Brazy album creator recalling the night an unnamed person fired at him.

In addition, YG mentioned his personal issues with producer DJ Mustard. He suspected the attack was an “inside job” and wondered if his longtime musical partner was involved.

“At this time, me and Mustard, we ain’t getting along at all. We ain’t talk for like… That was the start of our sh-t,” stated YG. “At that time, I’m like, ‘Who popped me? Was it these n-ggas because we ain’t been talking? Did these n-ggas try to have a n-gga set up?'”

The two West Coast representatives have since settled their differences. YG has posted several photos with Mustard on his Instagram page since the June 2015 shooting.

Watch “Noisey Presents: YG and the Therapist” below.

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28 Responses to “YG Admits Paranoia Made Him Question If DJ Mustard Had Him Shot (VIDEO)”

  1. Markus

    Not getting along with a friend shouldn’t get you shot. Most likely more to the story than he’s letting on about.

    • STEPH

      S— sometimes not getting along with friends is the main reason you get popped, depending on what caused the split.


    Huh…Everyone in the city know he shot himself… wtf is he talking about… I guess when u tell a lie it becomes true in your head

    • Chyze

      Ijs…at least somebody has a grasp on reality. Dude says he’s a gang member and then wonders why he got shot at. Then his 1st instinct is that the hamburgler’s cousin had him set up? These cats are something else.

  3. chippc

    Therapist OG shoulda told him to stop mumbling and speak up. Come back when whatever substance you are under the influence of wears off

    • Fight Racism With Bazooka

      Racist AF. Go to stormfront krakkka piece of sh*t. Sprinkle your honkey dust somewhere else. Queer MF

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