The Game Says Diddy Didn’t Kill Tupac

The Game recently checked in with The Cruz Show to talk new music with Scott Storch, the ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic, Compton, being peaceful thanks to his daughter, his father molesting his sister, his relationship with Diddy and more. When the host and Game discussed Game’s relationship with Diddy, Game wanted to clear the air about a rumor that has been following Puff for a while.

“A lot of people didn’t know before I was signed to Dr. Dre, I was signed to Diddy I thought it was a rapping deal but all we did was party.”

Game explained that his demo got to Dre and Storch, he told Diddy that Dr. Dre wanted to sign him, and Puff said that he wasn’t going to hold him back and released him so he could grow with Dr. Dre.

The Game also took a moment to shoot down the rumor that Diddy killed Tupac. Game said,

“Puff Daddy didn’t kill Tupac. If you really from LA and you was alive during that era and you not stupid then you know how Tupac got killed and who killed him. The dude who killed Tupac is no longer living.”

Game says he’s a west side rider, but he’s also about the truth and the facts. Game also pointed out the fact that the same people who say they don’t rock with Diddy are the same ones who love to drink Ciroc. People love to hate on Puff but you can’t hate on success. What are your thoughts?

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