Nicki Minaj Wins BET Award For Best Female Hip-Hop Artist For 7th Straight Year

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj’s domination at the BET Awards continued for another year. The leader of the Barbz won the trophy for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist for the seventh consecutive time.

The network rewarded Minaj with the honor over the other nominees Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Dej Loaf, and Remy Ma. Fellow YMCMB artist Drake won the 2016 BET Award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist for the fourth time.

Minaj was not at the ceremony to accept the award in person, but The Pinkprint album creator appeared to be interested in the outcome. She posted on Twitter after the show was over, “Did I win, u guys?”

The last woman to win the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist besides Nicki was M.I.A. in 2009. Missy is the only other multiple winner in the category with 5 victories (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008).

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62 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Wins BET Award For Best Female Hip-Hop Artist For 7th Straight Year”

  1. TheAfroRican

    This doesn’t mean there aren’t any female MCs better out. Rapsody would destroy her, if given the opportunity.

    • Q.

      There are so many overlooked women emcees who could change the game if given a platform. Rapsody is nice, but she’s just ONE who’s getting just a couple rays of shine. Dope femcees like Sa-Roc come to mind also. But Hip-Hop is pretty sexist industry, so I’m sure it’s discouraging for a lot of females who don’t want to be stripped of their dignity just to spit.

    • Shadow

      you making it sound like someone is stopping these other female rappers, no one is stopping Rapsody are anyone else from doing anything.

  2. Leonard Tarver

    Im not a Nicki fan but she’s the GOAT. There’s no competition. And dont say Remy Ma because she hasn’t dropped much yet…

      • M.DOT

        Lauryn Hill will forever be GOAT. Both of yall are trippin

      • Leonard Tarver

        How is Lauren Hill Goat with 1 hit Album and bad performances. She’s a singer anyway.

      • That_N

        That one album is CLASSIC tho. I admit, Lauryn did more singing than rapping, but still…… Lol

      • That_N

        It doesn’t matter when Missy, Kim, or Lauryn’s last hit song was. They all made a bigger impact on the culture than Nicki (and have Grammys).

      • Darian Franklin

        Lil kims “Grammy” is from a collaboration not a solo and is old as hell.😑 When will yall stop using that as saying shes better than nicki?

      • That_N

        It’s not even a competition between her and Kim. Kim has classics she can still get on stage and perform today (20 years later). None of ur girls material is classic. #Facts

      • Darian Franklin

        You do realize that nicki minaj including meek mill go and perform onstage all the time right? This is becuz they dont wait 15 years to release an album. And she is still new she didnt make misic in the 90’s so duh shes not classic but that doesnt mean her music isn’t good. Thats like saying “oh drake isn’t classic his music sucks “, or saying”all music from 2000 and more years to come will never be great and will bever make hits becuz it isn’t “classic” see how that works? #newgenerationdealwithit

      • That_N

        No…..Drake’s first cd is a classic. Kendrick’s Good Kid and To Pimp a Butterfly are both classics. J Cole’s Forest Hills is classic. So….

      • Darian Franklin

        Can you tell me how you just know they are classics because to me it sounds like you are picking and choosing what you think is a classic sooo……😑 #tf?

      • That_N

        It’s not just me. The streets, DJs, journalist, and other MC’s have labeled the aforementioned classics. A classic is a phenomenal, cohesive body of work marrying the right beats with the right bars. Classics do not have dated sounds nor do they rely on gimmicks. They are authentic and timeless.

      • Darian Franklin

        Thats called an opinion. 😒 reply to me when they make a classic award show.. Oh wait?🤔 they won’t. Goodbye✌🏿

      • That_N

        Go listen to the Nicki and get lubed up. They have a classic award show. The Grammys.

      • Darian Franklin

        And again she got that grammy award from a collaboration song that wasn’t even on her album. She has no grammy from a song on any of her albums hoe😂😂😂😂😂😂 L’s for lil kim😂😂

      • That_N

        How is winning a Grammy for one of the biggest pop collabs of all times an L??? Furthermore, I also mentioned Missy and Lauryn (who have solo Grammys). So….like I said go get lubed up, I’m sure some dirty trade is on his way to knock u down.

      • The City

        Lmao you’re handing out classics like the judge handing out calendars to the GS9 crew.

      • reg joe

        TPAB was not a classic to me. It was good, but not something lll listen to in 20 years. That’s what a classic is. Classic means old., like a classic car. If you listen and can relate to it when its old, its a classic. Being#1 on the charts doesn’t mean its a classic, automatically.

      • Leonard Tarver

        They had a bigger positive impact on the culture. Nicki has the negative and the negative is winning. Somebody had to say lol


      being the goat as a female rapper isnt saying much honestly…theres like only one female rapper at a time, for 5 to 10 year stretches, and hip hop is not that old….infact, can you name all the successful female mc’s?.wont be more than 10 of using “GOAT” is kind of an overstatement

  3. Madamsjr01

    Stole Lil Kim’s entire identify… she could never be the GOAT.. Plus she finished, no more decent writers anymore since the young money team dispersed….

    • reg joe

      Michael Jackson borrowed from James Brown, and Bruno Mars from Mike. That’s the industry. You can take anything and improve on it. She is the GOAT according to every metric available. Bitter?

      • Madamsjr01

        You are absolutely right, they borrowed, they were inspired and always paid respect where it was due. Nicki Minaj did the opposite, stole everything and pretended Kim never existed. Just because she’s the latest doesn’t make her the greatest… Wtf you smoking??

  4. M.DOT

    I find it funny how she says she’s trying to do more hollywood stuff now that Safaree isn’t there to write for her

  5. Darian Franklin

    I find it funny that all these people on here are mad that nicki won but looked her up and came to this article😂😂 .smh😒😒😒….

    • Fight Racism With Weed

      No one “looked her up” and came to this article. People came to allhiphop and clicked on an article with her picture next to it. So if you’re going to go that route you should have said “funny all these people are mad but they clicked on her article”. It still would have been gay AF but it would at least make sense.

    • STFUUIgnants

      We probably should create Award Shows we do care about, or don’t complain about the award shows we don’t win on.

  6. Darian Franklin

    BET awards arent a big deal when the person you wanted to win doesnt win I guess. Smh😑😑😑… At least thats what i am seeing😂

      • ZUBU

        Word!…. I missed Latifah….. She is top five….. Personally I don’t know if I can throw Missy in there…. For me she was not that lyrical…..Great artist and producer….

  7. CANDY

    It’s easy to win when you’re competition to yourself. There’s nobody else really doing anything. It’s more like BET said just give it to Nikki. So she really hasn’t even earned an award in any category. It was just given. lmao!!!!

    • reg joe

      Well who else would you have given it too? Nikki is everywhere and drops chart toppers.Yes, she has earned that. Its not her fault that her comp is lacking. If they could keep up, they would.

      • CANDY

        Nikki is so far from everything. You must be Nikki. LMAO!!!!

      • CANDY

        Can you please tell me who the comp is please? I’m waiting…

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