Gucci Mane To Be Sued For Millions For Death Of Rapper Slim Dunkin

Uh oh! Gucci Mane could soon be facing charges for Slim Dunkin’s murder! According to HipHopEnquirer, Dunkin’s father has filed a suit against 1017 Brick Squad, Gucci Mane’s label, for $11 million dollars. The charges are blaming the label and Gucci for playing a part in Dunkin’s death, in 2013, as Dunkin was scheduled to be in a 1017 Brick Squad video shoot. Apparently the charges are also against Gucci’s Warner Music Label for failing to provide adequate security on set of the music video shoot.

Slim Dunkin was killed by Vinson Hardiman after Hardiman shot him in the chest during an altercation. Hardiman was convicted of aggravated assault, but not murder. Dunkins’s father plans to seek justice by filing a civil suit against Gucci for his son’s wrongful death. What are your thoughts?

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