Rostrum Records Hits Wiz Khalifa With $2 Million Counterclaim

(AllHipHopNews) Pittsburgh stoner Wiz Khalifa is the target of a lawsuit for over $2 million courtesy of Benjy Grinberg of Rostrum Records.

According to reports from TMZ, Rostrum Records, founded by Grinberg, had established a deal with Khalifa that allowed the company to receive a 15% cut of touring and music royalties, along with 20% of merchandise sold since the the rapper began his career with the label in 2004.

Rostrum believes that the $2 million requested in the lawsuit is fair compensation for the amount the rapper has earned from sales, touring, and merchandise.

This is not the beginning of the friction between Wiz Khalifa and former founder Benjy Grinberg, as the rapper sued Grinberg and Rostrum Records to get out of his contract earlier this month, citing claims of mismanagement and faulty handling of funds.

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