Rick Ross Makes Moves In Alabama With New Wingstop Location

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross is currently celebrating the success of his Maybach Music Group record label, he’s also busy expanding his reach into the restaurant business with the launch of a new Wingstop in Alabama.

The rapper’s company Boss Wings III LLC opened a new Wingstop on Atlanta Highway in Montgomery.

It is the second location under the stewardship of the rap star in the state of Alabama.

“We are thrilled to be expanding so quickly in the state of Alabama and I am very proud to be a part of the Wingstop family,” Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “Wingstop is recognized nation-wide as having some of the best chicken wings around, hand-sauced and tossed in big bold flavors. It’s a brand that is being readily and enthusiastically embraced.

Rick Ross also owns another Wingstop location in Valley, making him the owner of two out of the three locations in Alabama.

The rapper also owns Wingstop locations in Florida, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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21 Responses to “Rick Ross Makes Moves In Alabama With New Wingstop Location”

  1. Anthony Mason

    To you lame dudes Rick Ross is equal to Big and Pac/ Even on a gun…the middle finger is the one that the trigger is off…./How much lemon pepper sauce can a recovering diabetic ingest before the ambulance sends him off?/ Guess to AHH Ross is Cinder block…

    Let me get off that…

    Ross type bulls***:

    In the maybach next to a Cindy Crawford eating crawfish,shrimp and lobster/ Selling coke from here to Rockford/ These cant get paper like me so it makes it awkward/ Meeks winning / I will donate a masnion to each of my children and their childrens children (lmao!)

    ….let me stop for now. Lol!


    Real Hip Hop ‘news’, the C.O. who plays the ‘fake Rick Ross’ on TV, & acts ‘so gangster’ on records, is opening ‘fast food’ restaurants to milk every dime he can off the unhealthy audience he exploits with his Officer Ricky ‘n weak meek shenanigans….. NEXT! GTFOH…………

    • Slyck

      McDonald’s and BK been selling DIABETES to customers for years, so RAWSE ain’t doing anything that hasn’t already been done.
      But health wise STYLES P has a juice shop,gotta salute him for taking an alternate route, imagine if more rappers opted to open fitness centers and organic healthy eating establishments!!!

    • Black Jay Supreme

      Sounds like some hate coming from your camp dude. Thousands of unhealthy food advertisements flood the airways every second and you’re singling out Ross? Don’t act like you’ve never eaten at McDonald’s or Burger King. And those restaurants are 20 times worse than Wingstop. Not to mention alcohol and whatever else unhealthy activities are killing the world.

      The day Rick Ross rolls up on you and puts a gun to your head and force feeds you some lemon pepper, THEN you’ll have a point. Until that day, ease up. What he’s doing is waaaaay better than his mortal enemy 50 Cent, you know with the corporate stealing, putting out freak videos and coughing up millions, and bankruptcies and all.

      • RapItUp

        lmao @ force feeds you some lemon pepper hahahah

      • RapItUp

        World dominator stay in all caps flustered by Ross. I think somebody from MMG tagged his chick while on tour..

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