Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State; Lil B Lifts Curse

(AllHipHop News) The Golden State Warriors have signed former foe Kevin Durant to a two-year $54.3 million.

The financial gain for Kevin Durant is obvious but he received another windfall – from rapper Lil B.

Lil B took to Twitter today to announce that his five-year curse on Durant is lifted now that he will be playing for The Warriors.

“’The BasedGod’ wants to speak. As life unravels and superstars make decisions that change lifes, welcome home KD the curse is lifted.”

Kevin Durant and Lil B’s issues started back in 2011, when Durant called the rapper “wack” on Twitter.

Lil B put a curse on Kevin Durant and claimed the NBA star would not win a championship, until the curse was lifted.

Now that Kevin Durant will be teammates with Steph Curry and the Warriors, the curse is history.


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