The Local Group Has Something To Say About “U.S.”

Rising rappers The Local Group decided to release a politically charged track titled “U.S.” as America celebrates its independence.

The song, which was produced by Peakinggg, was recorded during a particularly violent Summer, in 2015.

The Local Group consists of group members Ayun Bassa, 25, and Darian Steward, who is 25 years-old as well.

The duo was formerly known as BLKWHL, a group that released the 2011 project BLK FUEGO.

“I just wanted to capture the essence of what Ayun was saying with the hook and then lighten it up a bit with the second verse,” said group member Darian Steward. “Usually I’m the one with the deep emotional verse so I wanted to switch it up and have a lighter, more direct approach.”

The video for “U.S.” was lensed by CoupDeLa. Take a look: