London Rapper Kelyvn Colt Explains Inspiration Behind Single

Rapper Kelyvn Colt comes out representing London, by way of Germany and Nigeria.

The 22-year-old, who takes inspiration from 2Pac, Kid Cudi and Eminem, dropped out of college to start his own label and prepare for his career as a rapper.

“I wrote the song in my dorm room, after my first year in England,” Kelyvn Colt said. “At the time I couldn’t cover my fees anymore, was alone most of the time or working, hardly having time for music, even though that was
what I came for. So I started pondering about what I had left behind. I missed my home, Germany, my crew and my (now ex) girlfriend especially. I realized that things won’t be the same, even if I gave up now and came back. You may never know if you are trading diamonds for gold.”