Lil Kim Heading To “Celebrity Big Brother”

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Lil Kim will return to reality television as one of the stars of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

According to reports, Kim has landed the highest contract the British show has ever doled out, with their offer of over $500,000.

Producers hope that Lil Kim will add tension, as well as a new viewing audience to the hit show.

Lil Kim, who has already starred in reality shows like “The Apprentice” and “Dancing With The Stars, is expected to address her plastic surgery, as well as reports that she is bleaching her skin.

“Producers are thrilled they’ve finally got her. It’s taken a lot of cash but they are confident she will be worth it,” a source connected to the show told The Mirror.

Other stars featured in “Celebrity Big Brother” include Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, Samantha Fox, Sarah Harding, Lady Colin Campbell and others.

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12 Responses to “Lil Kim Heading To “Celebrity Big Brother””

  1. Your Dog Needs Training.

    Where my bro Coolio at after that show?
    He got some LIZZY from that show too.

    The last I heard of him was that he bumped into some
    students on a night out in the Uk, went back to their digs
    and helped them cook a meal whilst signing gangsters

    Oh dear, LiL Kim do us proud !!!!!!!!. LOL

  2. hoeyuno

    Want tension? Get Kim, Fox, MC Lyte, Nikki, Rah Digga, da brat all under one roof for a couple weeks!!!! Haha

  3. Ys'Fool

    Well looks like all that time under the knife getting paid off,however she could have undoubtedly achieved the same results by placing a bag over her head,sealing it tightly and holding her breath.

  4. that dude

    She owe’s back taxes on her Alpine Mansion at about 2,000,000. She gotta do what she gotta do. I ain’t even mad at her.

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