Philthy Rich Breaks Down Meaning Behind New Song “Barely Know My Name”

Philthy Rich has teamed with Lil B, Mozzy, Mistah F.A.B. and Celly Ru for the new song “Barely Know My Name.”

“I got real problems just like anyone else,” Philthy Rich explained to “Don’t let the videos or Instagram posts fool you. People don’t know what goes on behind closed doors like all the hate you deal with and the people you gotta take care of. Life in general is tough for everyone–I have to deal with family members and friends passing away, I have to juggle raising and providing for my kids while having to work, just like everyone else. My job might be different from yours but we share the
same struggles.”

“Barely Know My Name” is taken from Philthy Rich’s upcoming album Hood 4 Rich.

Until the album drops, Philthy Rich plans on dropping a new video every Friday until the end of the Summer.

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