Kool Keith Returns As Tashan Dorrsett: The Preacher

Legendary Ultramagnetic MC Kool Keith is releasing a new full-length album next week under a new alias: Tashan Dorrsett “The Preacher.”

The new release was produced by Junkaz Lou” and features 16-tracks, with titles like “Spanked,” “Touch Her” and “Touch Her.”

The only guest appearances on Tashan Dorrsett “The Preacher” come from Keith’s new artist Dane Uno, as well as Big Sche and Mic Hands.

Check out Basquiat featuring Kool Keith, Mic Handz, Dane Uno and Big Sche below the tracklisting. Tashan Dorrsett “The Preacher” is due in stores on July 29th.

1.Let Me Breath
3.Do You Wanna Ride?
5.The Preacher
6.Touch Her
7.Basquiat ft. Big Sche, Mic Handz, Dane Uno
8.Referee ft. Dane Uno
9.Let Me Breath (Instrumental)
10.Spanked (Instrumental)
11.Do You Wanna Ride? (Instrumental)
12.V.I.P (Instrumental)
13.The Preacher (Instrumental)
14.Touch Her (Instrumental)
15.Basquiat (Instrumental)
16.Referee (Instrumental)

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