Ripp Flamez Explains Life In Cleveland And New Song “Lebron Flamez”

Cleveland’s Ripp Flamez comes correct on his new song Lebron Flamez in celebration of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ recent win of the NBA championship.

The track “Lebron Jamez” was produced by Mitch Mula as Ripp compares himself to Cleveland’s hometown hero.

The video was shot during Cleveland’s parade for The Cavaliers.

“Some artists may have content and substance and others may just have melodies, rhythm, and good production,” Ripp Flamez says. “I have both, along with a unique voice and an organic fan base.”

The rapper said his uniqueness is drived from his upbringing in the Garden Valley Projects, one of Cleveland’s roughest areas.

“There’s a lot of different talent in the city with a lot of genuine support,” Ripp Flamez explained. “I found my sound in the midst of all that; so did Kid Cudi and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, two of the artists I look up to most… It’s a tough city and you have to earn your support, you have to show what you really about.”

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