Amber Rose Planned To Partner With Tyga To Put Kylie Jenner On Blast

Given the fact that Amber Rose and her best friend Blac Chyna are the Queens of Petty, and the fact that Rose has a new VH1 talk show, it’s to no one’s surprise that Amber was once going to use Tyga as a pawn for her ratings.

According to RadarOnline,

Amber invited Tyga on her show after him and Kylie Jenner broke up, and he agreed to appear on the show and be open to talking about any and everything including sex and family drama. Allegedly Tyga was planning to tell everything there was to tell about his relationship with Jenner.

Tyga’s tell-all interview would’ve been a big deal for Amber’s show because everyone seems to be so fascinated with their messy relationship, and because Kylie knew nothing about it. Unfortunately, the interview was cancelled when Tyga and Kylie got back together. It’s clearly all about ratings for Amber.

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