Drake Stan Claims He Squashed The Beef With Joe Budden

Joe Budden gave everyone some pretty funny entertainment when he chased a few Drake stans who thought it was a good idea to confront him at his home.

Joe hopped out off his car to chase the kids, and once he caught them he advised them to never return to his neighborhood. He even threatened to kill them.

The Slaughterhouse rapper quickly became the subject of some of the funniest memes. Budden even found the memes to be funny himself, however he stated,

“I truly hope u kids don’t make running up to ppl’s homes a thing. It’s dangerous.”

One of the men who was chased by Budden now claims that him and Joe were able to squash the beef after Joe visited him at his home. People have to stop taking this internet stuff too far. We can’t get the image of Joe Budden and those rocks out of our heads!


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