Jahlil Beats Says Meek Mill Won’t Drop ‘DC4’ Until The Fall

Meek Mill’s ‘DC4’ mixtape certainly better be worth the wait as it won’t be released until the fall.

Producer Jahlil Beats finally delivered an update on the project when he used Periscope to give fans a few snippets of the upcoming project, and to showcase his new beats. The most important detail shared was the fact that ‘DC4’ won’t drop anytime this summer.

“Imma tell you why Meek ain’t drop ‘DC4′ yet. He not rushing, man. We got the 4 for 4’s out. That should hold people over, man,” said Jahlil.

“Yo, that DC4 is coming in the fall, that sh-t is ridiculous. Me and K was just at Meek’s house, heard the whole joint. He talking some real shit on that.”

Jahlil and Meek better deliver like they did with Meek’s “I’m A Boss.”

Remember ‘DC4’ will be more of Meek’s expressive and reflective rap, but after it’s release, he will no longer rap about extreme violence.

Do you think the project will live up to its hype?

ICYMI :: Here's some Insight on #DC4 coming from #JahlilBeats 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 #MeekMill #MeekSeason #TheChasers

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22 Responses to “Jahlil Beats Says Meek Mill Won’t Drop ‘DC4’ Until The Fall”

      • that dude

        This is true, but like Markus said, Views woulda out shined that project by a landslide and it woulda been another “L” on Meeks long list of “L’s”.

      • Weedras

        so then he should wait to be outshined by another artist aint it better to try shoot the man you claim you better than down with your own album though?

      • that dude

        What other artist is dripping when Meek is dropping? What other artist is big as Drake right now? And Meek, sad to say, I’m not a Drake or Meek fan, could never outshine Drake. Like I said it would have been another “L” in Meek’s long list on “L’s”.

  1. elliott-1990

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  2. Dox

    Meek has no concept of timing with music, I see….like when Drake dropped back to back and Meek took forever for a [mediocre] reply song. Have to strike while the iron is hot…I have already lost interest in DC4 but when Drake dropped Summer 16 I was awaiting DC4 which I thought would come soon after….what a clown.

  3. Dox

    Start a beef with Drake, then wait over a year to release this “awesome” mixtape that is supposed to address it…lol. Drake dropped WATTBA and Views since Back to Back.

  4. The Legendary Troll

    Meek, you should be about to drop DC5 right now smh. If this mixtape is trash you bout to get clowned so hard for it

  5. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    This is because of Selfmade 4. I saw the video of this a few days ago. DC4 should have taken precedence over SM4. Meek is a summer music artist. Bad move by the people backing him. Once it starts to get cold I start looking for new Lupe Fiasco to add to my 100 Lupe song collection. I’m not really looking to turn up.

  6. Coolbreeze415

    That beat he plays is the same sample Berner and Wiz used on “El Chapo”. Jacka also used the same sample for “One Sound”. KPM Library record.Jahlil jacking for beats.

  7. heather565588526

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  8. lucia-walker

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    He Can WAIT ALL He Wants… Nobody checkin’ for that weak meek, 3rd string, gettin’ pimped by Officer Ricky, opening act BS! Save us all tha trouble, hold on to it!

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